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Hi, I dont know if you ever post this but i want to mention this, at first when i came to your website i was so nervous when you were advertising $9.99 or less... I am not going to lie. My plan was to purachase few jewelry pieces and take them to my local jeweler. Show them how cheap jewelry there is online and have it tested! YES! I did it! I purchased 2 pairs of earrings and a ring, took it to my jeweler to verify if its authentic. Guess wht he said? Please tell me where you got them from? i can actually buy and sell to my customers. All 3 pieces were sterling silver with a stamp 925 marked, He also tested with some kind of acid. SilverJewelry.com or whoever is behind it! Keep up the good work!! I love your jewelry and i will be here once a week to see new styles....